Dry Erase Sheet Pockets Bundle

  • $14.99

These dry erase sheet pocket bundles provide everything you need to start using dry erase sheet protectors and since it is a bundle, you get all the supplies at a cost savings. Each kit contains:

  • 5 dry erase sleeves
  • 3 erasers
  • 3 markers with eraser caps 


This Bundle Contains

Dry Erase Sheet Pockets

These oversized, reusable dry erase pockets make it easy make notes on your valuable documents or use your consumable worksheets without damaging the paper. These sleeves are well constructed and heavy duty so they withstand repeated use with multiple children.

  • 10" x 13" which makes them larger than most dry erase sleeves. This way it is easier to glide in your papers without squeezing them in, keeping the papers in pristine condition
  • Made with high grade plastic and double sewn edges these worksheet sleeves are made to last.
  • Environmentally friendly: There is no need for printing the same papers over and over. Our oversized dry erase reusable pockets can be used again and again which will help you save you time and money.



Dry Erase Markers With Erasers

Students will love the ability to use markers and quickly fix mistakes with the eraser cap, keep the markers on the desk because of the square cap, and not deal with the strong smell of ink because of the low odor smell ink we use.

  • Fine point magnetic dry erase markers
  • Comes with three colors: black, red, and blue
  • Non-toxic, low odor ink that has a bold color laydown, works on all dry erase surfaces and dries quickly.
  • Magnetic marker caps feature built-in felt erasers. The dry erase marker ink erases easily.
  • Flat marker cap shape prevents the markers from rolling off any flat surface or tray.
  • Perfect for whiteboards and glass boards in the office, classroom, and at home.



Dry Erase Personal Eraser

These durable white board erasers are suitable for home, office, school, dormitory, game room, play centers, etc. They are a great help to teachers, students and kids and perfect for presentation, drawing, math scratch-work, and score counting.

  • Contains 3 erasers
  • 2” x 2” inches magnetic dry eraser
  • Can be used with a wide-range of boards (large and small), including standard white boards, calendar, memo, marker boards, rolling, classroom calendars, easel, wipe off boards, weekly, lined, double-sided, student and personal.
  • Works with most materials, including standard white/black, glass, dry erase sheets, whiteboard paint, poster board, wallpaper, stainless steel, etc.
  • Because they are 2x2, the erasers are an ideal fit for students’ hands but also easy to grip for adults.
  • These magnetic dry erasers are made from highly durable materials. The strong magnets are great for sticking to magnetic boards and any other magnetic surfaces, including refrigerators, metal desks, and filing cabinets.